We are starting a new year with hope and much appreciation for the brave and caring first responders for all they have done during the past abnormal year. The Global Clinical Engineering Journal recognized the support added by Clinical engineers to strengthening the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with a cover page on Vol. 2, No. 3, about the Silent heroes. One of these heroes, a member of our Journal’s Editorial Board, Professor Dan Clark from the UK, was very deservedly recognized with the prestigious award of Officer of the Order of the British Empire honours (OBE) 2021 for services to Clinical Engineering, particularly during Covid-19.

We are proud to join the celebration recognizing Professor Dan Clark’s Clinical Engineering work, who stated after the announcement: “I am truly humbled by the award as I’ve seen 1000s of people in the NHS and globally really rise to the challenges that Covid threw us and who are much more deserving than me.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team and wider network of dedicated professionals and see this their skills, commitment and courage.” We rather believe that the patients and our readers are the lucky ones. Thank you, Dan!

Professor Dan Clark, Head of Clinical Engineering at Nottingham University Hospitals