Application of multiparameter method as an assistance to the evaluation of the need for replacement of medical equipments

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Eliezer Knob Souza



The medical equipments (EM) are increasingly decisive and essential in modern medicine and medical and hospital care. For the EM contribute effectively and to the health organizations to use them more productively, it is necessary to carry out the management of the life cycle of the same. A decisive factor in this cycle of life is to know when a piece of equipment must be replaced. It is observed the absence of defined and clear methods to assist in the clinical engineering and hospital management, in deciding and prioritizing which EM need to be replaced. This work demonstrates a practical application in an equipment park. As a result, the classification of EM as the prioritization of substitution was obtained with respect to diversity, quantity and cost of the equipment shown to be replaced. The application of this method may contribute to increased quality of installed equipment and budget planning of hospital investments.


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