IFMBE/CED recognition of certification/registration programs for clinical engineering practitioners

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James Otto Wear


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The IFMBE/Clinical Engineering Division (IFMBE/CED) has established an International Credentialing Board (ICB) to recognize organizations that certify or register clinical engineering practitioners (CEPs).  The ICB has 9 members appointed by the CED Board and the members are experienced Clinical Engineering Practitioners with several certified or registered.  The ICB will maintain a list of recognized organizations that certify or register CEPs but will not maintain a list of the individuals certified/registered.  The National Examining Authority (NEA) that performs certification/registration can submit information on their program to the ICB for recognition.  This will include detail information on the program and how it goes about certifying or registering individuals. Once recognized a program will have a renewal every three years to assure that it is still an operational program. 


Since there are no specific guidelines for programs to certify/register CEPs, the ICB will have to evaluate each NEA submission in detail.  The ICB will need to determine that the individuals certified/registered are qualified practicing CEPs and the program is well managed.  The NEA must have a set of By-Laws and a Code of Ethics. Certification programs may be based on credentials only or programs based on exams and credentials. Registration programs may be based on credentials including experience.  The recommendations are that certification/registration programs should meet individual countries needs and how clinical engineering is practiced in a country.  It is not recommended that an engineering degree be required since all clinical engineering practitioners do not have engineering degrees


The ICB will also aid professional groups that are trying to establish certification/registration programs for CEPs. 


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